About us

The Conference’s vision is an environment in commitment to delivering the researcher’s quality content to the international conclave. We build on trusted information by connecting scientists within and across disciplines at conferences and workshops which will be held at the venues that create an environment to information exchange, a generation of new ideas and acceleration of gross from our roots in publishing around the world are able effectively to fulfill their mandates, both individually and in concert, through diffusion of knowledge and supportive connections.

  • A. The Mission is split into two parts:
    • The vision – a description of state of affairs that the Conference hopes to reach: an end-point or goal.
    • The mission – a statement of the Conference’s rationale, applicable now as well as in the future; the mission is the means of successfully achieving the vision.
  • B. The strategic priorities
  • The Conference has set itself four high level priorities to allow actions to be focused and more effective: strengthening our connections, working with partners; advancing globally in fields of science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in privacy in a digital age; completing conference capacity building and assessing our effectiveness. As the second strategic plan these priorities are aimed at enhancing the Conference’s capacity for action.

  • C. The Action plan
  • The action plan outlines practical goals to achieve in the relevant time-span. Each action supports one or more strategic direction.

The Conference’s mission

The Vision:

An environment in act as a bridge between industry and academia by creating forums to discuss the advances in science and technology and  in which privacy and data protection authorities around the world are able effectively to act to fulfill their mandates, both individually and in concert, through diffusion of knowledge and supportive connections.

This vision in part of a Conference strategic plan that also includes a mission statement, strategic priorities and an action plan to create the opportunities for new partnerships between the researchers, scholars, public organizations, subject experts, encourage the authors by providing research knowledge to nurture the next generation of researchers and the corporations.

The Mission:

  • To be an outstanding global forum for journals reshape in new human’s creative knowledge and tackle the most globalization in the fields of Science , Technology , Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
  • To creatively knowledge, and provide practical assistance, to help authorities more effectively to perform their mandates in new research technological possibilities, products exist to fulfill those options.
  • To provide leadership at international level in the fields of STEM protection and privacy.
  • To connect and support efforts at domestic and regional level, and in other international forums, to enable authorities better to protect and promote privacy and data protection.