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Theme: “The Characterisation of the Innovations Related to the Pharmaceutical World”


The Pharma Conference 2020 is a multidisciplinary programme with broad participation of members from around the globe who are focused on learning about pharmaceutical sciences, its innovations and latest advancements. It will serve as the best opportunity to reach the largest assemblage of participants from pharmaceutical sciences community, that is, from pharmaceutical…

Committee Members

Kuo Chen Chou

Gordon Life Science Institute


Salah AKKAl

University of Mentouri Consatntine



Anatomy Bahcesehir University


Florjana Rustemi

University of Medicine


Rashid Mahmood

Surge Laboratories Private Limited


Why to Attend?

The World Pharma and Pharmacovigilance 2020 helps update on recent advances, and to develop a new skill, gain deeper knowledge and to perpetuate education and promoting the skill development. It is the Best platform for Exposure to other skilled peers and mentors to get motivated by the Pharma specialists to improve their performance and adopt continuous learning through the course of their careers.

Vancouver, Canada


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